Who we are

We at Xeoscript are passionate about data. We understand how data is important for you to achieve success in business. This begets the journey of our company. We are here to create products that serve as a better way to transform disparate information into data that will help you to analyze and understand about your company, work, customers and so many other things easily. We are here to help people and understand the data and create better ways with which they can use data to get success in their work. Put together a visionary, a few savvy business leaders and professionals having a passion for data is the core strength of our company. We don’t just focus on making software or making complex spread sheets for our clients, rather we are imbued to create products that will help them decipher the information that lie untouched before.

What we do

  • BigData
  • Business
  • Web
  • Mobile

BigData Analysis

Churning massive amounts of data and fetching the perfect information form is not an easy task. This is why the need of big data is felt more these days. Big data has matured in different ways than any other technologies. To analyze large chunks of data one must need specialized software and different applications of data mining, predictive analysis, data optimizer and forecasting. It sure is a tedious task altogether. But not with us, with our seasoned team of experts you can easily get your data analyzed and in a form that can be easily understandable everyone in your company.

Business Intelligence

We have created business intelligence tools that are aimed to give entrepreneurs and decision-makers a better way to fetch the information they are always in search of. We create our business analytics tools with an aim of giving the management of every company a better way to produce company results and quality reports so that taking decisions will be way easier than before. Using robust and state-of-the-art technologies we tend to empower our products in such way that can give you all kinds of insights about your company and place you in a position form where taking various decisions can be easy.

Modern Web Development

In this age of internet and e-commerce, the virtual world is the best showcase for corporations and websites are their main secret to success. Thus, creating websites in such a way that can help you to achieve all your goals like drawing more traffic, transforming potential customers into real ones, safe and secure browsing experience for your customers is where our expertise lies. We understand the requirements of our clients more than anyone else and thus, creating websites in tandem with their requirement is our forte.

Mobile App Development

With the introduction of the Smartphone and smart devices, the world is now in our hands. We tend to perform all kinds of activities from buying staples to paying utility bills and teaching children with the help of our smart devices. Thus, the need for creating top quality mobile apps is growing leaps and bounds in the market. To offer our clients a better edge than their peers and creating a strong presence in the market, we develop high quality mobile apps that can give them a better grip in the market and a way to connect with the customers easily.